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“After 25 years in corporate management, I found myself unemployed. Patience and Purpose gave me resources, guidance and most of all... hope."
Jerome Grey
Things I Must Do

To be successful you must have a plan. Sometimes creating a plan can be challenging.

Here is a list that will help you create your plan of action.

Things I Must Do

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You are educated, experienced... and terminated due to the economic down turn. You feel devastated in many ways.

Many others have been there or are there right now.You are not alone and we want to help you through this challenging time.

Read success stories of people who found new careers out of the ashes. read more

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Resume resources

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Career networking is by far the most important tool you posses in your job hunting briefcase.

Face to face and personal communication is essencial to finding your new career.
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Patience  Patience: Is Crucial For Career Success

Purpose  Purpose: The Key To Your Career

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